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Financial Aid Facts and Myths

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Financial Aid 101

Parents, I hear you loud and clear! Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity. Dive into Financial Aid 101 and master the essentials with ease.

Campus Visit Checklist

Campus tours are CRUCIAL, but here’s the deal: without the right guidance, it’s easy to miss key details. That’s why I’ve got your back with my FREE Campus Visit Checklist!

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College Insights’ Biggest Essay Tips

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Having lived abroad for six years, Elisia loved being an expat and has traveled extensively around the world, learning about many different cultures and exploring new places, and especially loves spending time at the beach. She is a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys reading, particularly non-fiction, and learning about all things she finds interesting. One of her favorite subjects is personal finance (she likes it so much she was actually considering a career as a financial advisor before deciding to go into college consulting).

Elisia loves the sport of CrossFit and is a self-described avid CrossFitter and meditates almost every day. Although she taught at the university level, she actually loves working with children and used to teach preschool on the side for fun, as well as volunteered as a baby holder at orphanages around the world. She has a master’s degree in Education, specializing in education policy, is a member of NACAC, a Certified College Counselor, and is the only Certified Financial Aid Advisor in Washington State. Elisia has been in education for fifteen years and worked in college admissions for five years before sFAQtarting College Insights in 2015.

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