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About College Insights

At College Insights, we spend OVER TWENTY HOURS with each student! Sometimes we spend closer to 40 hours with a student! We customize our services to each student’s needs.

At College Insights, we opened our doors because we saw a need for students to have more support. Having worked in a number of schools, both public and private, and at all grade levels all around the world, we have seen it all. Every single school tries to do the best they can with the resources they have available and help the most students possible.

However, it is often still not enough. Students need SO MUCH support (personalized support) in order to reach their full potential. With budgets and other constraints on resources, customized support for each student simply isn’t possible; even the best private schools fall short. In order to fully help and support a student and their family, plans and strategies need to be one-hundred percent customized to each student’s unique situation. That’s where we come in



With the average student graduating with $33,000 in student loans, the cost of college is no doubt the biggest worry for most families. The average student loan for a Master’s degree is $57,600. Want to go to medical school or law school? Expect to pay well into the six figures. It is stressful. Unfortunately, high school students are usually too young and financially inexperienced to understand what they are signing up for. The good news is – it doesn’t have to be that way! There are many ways to pay for college. It requires some know-how and finesse, but we have seen many students graduate with minimal debt, or even debt free – and that includes graduate school!

We'll Provide Answers For Your Financial Questions

Don’t understand the FAFSA? Think you filled out the paperwork wrong and have no idea if your financial aid award is correct? We LOVE financial aid and have been supporting families through the FAFSA and award process for years.

Not sure how you will ever pay for college? We know how! With our years of experience, we are probably the greatest experts you’ll ever meet in that department.

Want to buy a house or pay off other debt, but your student loan payment is making that impossible? We keep up on all the current policies and know how best to handle student loan debt.

We'll Spend The Time Your Student Needs

Based on a 2005 report commissioned by NACAC, the average school counselor spends just thirty-eight minutes with a student per year. Only thirty-eight minutes in an entire year. Many schools only have a single college counselor for their entire student body, so it is no wonder our students often don’t get the support they need.

At College Insights, we spend an average of TWENTY HOURS with a student.We care about helping every single student reach their full potential.

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