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The Ultimate College Application Course

Overwhelming. Confusing. Stressful. Lost.

These are common words people use when it’s time to start college applications. Actually, these descriptions are what most people use throughout the entire process. Unsure or not confident are the words students often use when they turn in their applications.

The college admissions process is a long and complex one. This course aims at addressing the major components of the admissions process in an easy-to-follow curriculum. From essays, college tours, creating a list of schools, the CommonApp, financial aid, scholarships, and more, this course covers it all. By the time you finish, you’ll feel more comfortable on the path ahead.

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The Complete College Admissions Essay Course

The essays required for college applications stresses students out more than ANY OTHER part of the college admissions process, even students known for their writing skills! Which makes sense as they do make or break your application. Your essays are how you separate yourself from all the other applicants and gives you a place to shine.

It’s important to know EXACTLY what you need to write about to keep admission officers interested with CAPTIVATING storytelling methods and topics, as well as know the tones and topics to AVOID.

If you are feeling lost, unsure, and anxious about your college essays, this course is for you.


Having lived abroad for six years, Elisia loved being an expat and has traveled extensively around the world, learning about many different cultures and exploring new places, and especially loves spending time at the beach. She is a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys reading, particularly non-fiction, and learning about all things she finds interesting. One of her favorite subjects is personal finance (she likes it so much she was actually considering a career as a financial advisor before deciding to go into college consulting).

Elisia loves the sport of CrossFit and is a self-described avid CrossFitter and meditates almost every day. Although she taught at the university level, she actually loves working with children and used to teach preschool on the side for fun, as well as volunteered as a baby holder at orphanages around the world. She has a master’s degree in Education, specializing in education policy, is a member of NACAC, a Certified College Counselor, and is the only Certified Financial Aid Advisor in Washington State. Elisia has been in education for fifteen years and worked in college admissions for five years before sFAQtarting College Insights in 2015.

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Ace the CommonApp

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